Hvar Island

The sunniest island in the Mediterranean, the king among the Dalmatian islands, has recently become a synonym for an amazing holiday and earned a respectable reputation on demanding international tourism map. Voted one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Hvar fascinates international travellers who chose it for its gorgeous natural features, rich cultural traditions and diversity of facilities. Young people chose it for fun and parties, families for peaceful and safe environment, couples for romantic hideaways….The island offers perfect options for all generations and all tastes. And whoever came here once is surely to be back for more. Hvar is and an addiction which you won’t be able, or would even want, to overcome.

Hvar is at the same time cosmopolitan and authentic. Due to that fact this magical island literally offers something for everyone. The pleasure of relaxation in nature, walks through vast fields of lavender, or in the labyrinth of the ancient olive trees, tasting delicious wines in unique ambience of authentic wine cellars while enjoying tunes of local klapa singers, discovering hidden bays, swimming in crystal clear sea, visiting the stone churches, galleries, wandering along the narrow streets, each hiding a story of the rich Hvar history….This is one of Hvar’s faces.  On the other hand, there is a contemporary face of Hvar  which offers luxury hotels, diverse options of high quality private accommodation, a range of outdoor sports, from sailing to an island safari, to the exciting nightlife in numerous clubs, cafes and bars. Creative menus in one of Hvar’s numerous restaurants offer delicious meals prepared from natural, locally grown ingredients of highest quality.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches

Hvar is the island which has many beautiful beaches on which you can enjoy the sun and exceptionally clear water.

The majority of the beaches in Hvar are intact and hidden from the numerous swimmers which in turn means that you can enjoy the peace and quiet just lying on the beach or swimming in the sea. In case those beaches in Hvar are not enough for you, you can visit the nearby Pakleni Islands, where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Taste the best Croatian wines

Hvar is considered the sunniest island on the Croatian coast which is very good for wine growing. Fantastic vines are made in Hvar and the history of wine growing on this Croatian island is over 2 000 years old.

During your visit to Hvar, you should definitely try the so called Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru, which is considered one of the best wines made in this area.

Visit the aromatic lavender fields

Due to favourable weather Hvar is a place to grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables as well as other types of various herbs.

Along with the olive plantations and various herbs, the visitors of Hvar can especially enjoy the lavender fields.

Visiting the lavender fields should definitely be on your 10 things to do in Hvar list because you will certainly enjoy the breathtaking views and the beautiful scents of the purple lavender fields.

Meet the cultural heritage of Hvar

There are many different cultural monuments and sights on the island of Hvar.

The most notable one is definitely the theatre which is considered to be the oldest theatre in the world and it exists for more than 400 years.

Moreover, there is also an old Franciscan monastery on the island, as well as the Old Town – the oldest town in Croatia.


The island of Hvar is quite famous for its nightclubs where you can listen to the different kinds of music. Many celebrities enjoyed clubbing in Hvar and the most famous one was definitely prince Harry who in one of the clubs jumped in the pool fully dressed. However, besides partying during the night, in some of the clubs you can also party in a day time. Enjoy the party!

From Hvar you can bring home some nice souvenirs, like lace or traditional pastry Paprenjak, but what you will surely bring with you once you leave this magical island is a great smile and a unique experience that you will want to repeat year after year.